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Range functions for Excel

This project is similar to except it provides operations on Excel ranges instead of arrays of numbers.

If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me if I could add functionality to that would allow "named arguments" I'd have enough money to go up and see Mae. Well, now you've got it.

The function RANGE.KEY takes a two column range and a string key and returns the value in the second column corresponding to an exact match in the first column. If no match is found it returns an OPER of xltypeMissing so that everything works like it ought to. It is just a simple wrapper around VLOOKUP

"But wait, Keith, what if I have hierarchical data?" No problemo. Just use values that are returned by RANGE.SET and you can get at your data with RANGE.KEY("subkey", RANGE.KEY("key", Range)) and the function will arrange a call to RANGE.GET for you.

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